The Truth About Black Women Dating White Men

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Are Ebony and Ivory Together in Perfect Harmony?

white man and black woman togetherBlack woman dating white men is still a societal taboo that incites controversy. For years, black women have seen black men with white women and felt slighted. Eventually, we stopped caring and dived into the swirl ourselves.

It was not a conscious decision, but an unconscious necessity. It was not revenge or a conquest or sour apples. We simply wanted a man that would treat us the way we wanted and deserved to be treated and color became unimportant.

Good and bad men exist in all races, but some black women can’t seem to find a black man. I have black women friends who are with a good black man and black women friends that are with a good white man and they’re happy. Happiness knows no color nor does love.

I also have black girlfriends who said they would die before they would enter into a relationship with a white man. One even referred to it as “sleeping with the slave master”. Personally, after a slew of bad relationships with black men, I simply opened my eyes and simply sought a “good man”. I didn’t care if he was alien-green.

I admit that I’ve made some bad decisions and selected the wrong black men and I accept full blame for my own bad decisions. I do not condemn black men as a whole. I have three adult sons who are good black men and a nephew who is the best father and husband imaginable. My father was a good man.

Fully aware of what I bring to the table as a woman, I didn’t think that I was asking too much out of life or being unreasonable in my expectations. I only wanted a man who enjoyed life, was intellectually, economically and educationally compatible, loving, kind, romantic, faithful and strong.

black and white relationshipThere are black men out there that meet my criteria and I have met many, but they were either already involved, uninterested in, offered only friendship or we just didn’t click.

Experience has taught me well. I’ve learned what makes a relationship fail or thrive. I know what it takes to make me happy (and I deserve to be happy). I also know what it takes to make a man happy and content. I decided that rather than settle, I’d stay alone or wait for Mr. Right to arrive.

I didn’t plan for Mr. Right to be Mr. White. Alternately, he wasn’t specifically seeking a black woman, but a good woman. It had nothing to with “jungle fever” (I hate that term), rumors of the black woman’s alleged sexual power, curiosity or fascination. It just happened.

Do people look at us funny sometimes when we’re out? Heck yeah, but who cares. We’re happy and not because we’re polar opposites, but because he found a good woman and I found a good man and that is all we were both seeking.


Dating Sexy African Girls

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international love scout african profilesEven though men love hot black girls, the number of men interested in perusing African brides has always been low.  The main reason for this is lack of enough information concerning dating agencies that operate out of Africa.

This information deficit is brought about by Africa’s limited presence on the World Wide Web except for developed countries like Egypt, South Africa and Tunisia.

Minor web presence has made it difficult for couples to engage in long distance relationship. The scenario in Africa is a far cry from the situation in the western world, since e-mail communication is not taken seriously.

The limited accessibility to e-mail and internet in Africa also comes with a number of advantages. For one, a man looking to date a sexy African girl has to operate like his predecessors did before the dawn of the internet age and this gives the bride some sort of security.

What to Expect After Marriage

Many flaws in the relationship emerge shortly after the marital vows are exchanged. African brides who were brought up in poverty and squalor will perceive a white man earning a reasonable income as pure royalty. The brides will rejoice at the prospects of a better and promising life abroad, away from the abject poverty that they were accustomed to in Africa.

The path that the marriage will take from this stage henceforth will greatly depend on how the white man plays his cards. In fact, it can be very easy for the white man to impress an African girl with his lavish lifestyle and wealth, but there problems that may emerge later in life. To be on the safe side, avoid such behavior since:

  1. It is not necessary. The girl will visualize your status and lifestyle as a world of indescribable bliss in comparison to her low standards of living that she got accustomed to while growing up, so it makes no sense to exaggerate an impression that you have already created.
  2. Sooner or later, she will discover that you lived a lie. You need to realize that you will be living with your bride and she will get to see and experience the life that you live. She will soon adapt to the way of life in your country, and this will make her wise a great deal. She will now see through your bloated ego and hate you for it.

If you want a relationship between you and African bride to last, then be frank and transparent with your African bride. Prepare her psychologically for what she should expect once you marry her and locate to your home country. In addition, explain to her how things work in your country and how people earn a living.

Nonetheless, the standards of living in your home country will be far much better compared to that she was accustomed to in her home country. Do not fear to tell her the truth about you way of life even when the relationship is still young.

Always work towards making your relationship a success by telling the truth from the very beginning of the relationship.


Best African Dating Sites

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Many men find the beautiful women of the African continent to be irresistible. Luckily it easy to find a potential partner from this part of the world thanks to a number of websites that are focused solely on introducing western men to African ladies. Here you will learn about some of the best African dating sites in the international dating industry.

One of the most popular international dating sites aimed at men who would like to meet an African partner is AfricaBeauties.com. This site specifically caters to western men who would like to be introduced to attractive women living in Africa.

As well as the ability to search through over 8000 African women there are a number of other features which make this a highly popular site with international daters. The website allows you to search the most popular 1000 ladies as well as instant messaging, send flowers and presents and virtual gifts, and watch videos of your potential partner. The site received significant media attention when it was discovered that the 2nd place winner of the Miss Kenya competition was listed on the Africabeauties website. This gives you some indication of the quality of women that you can meet on the site.

Another one of the best African dating sites is AfrikaDating.com. This website is mostly aimed at introducing men to women is South Africa although it does feature women from other parts of Africa as well. As well as introducing men to women from Africa it also supplies information and news in relation to dating in those countries. This includes whether the country you are visiting is safe and any precautions you might like to take. Generally South Africa is a safe option when looking for an international date, however you do need to show some caution with other parts of Africa.


Sexy African Women – Culture and Values

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The place of African values

African dating site profileMaulana Wrier Wahiduddin Khan defines education as the knowledge of the potential of making maximum use. One can say a human being is not in the full sense until it educates, “Through education, man is enabled to receive information from outside world to become familiar with past history and receive all necessary information in connection with this agreement values. the Oxford Dictionary are moral or professional standard behavior. They are, in principle, that is, governing the behavior of the decisions.

I think the title given to this article immediately suggests a analysis of the relationship between culture and education. Education as a subject of this article seems pretty clear when we think that we are talking about formal learning at a certain level, ie in high school. The culture here is also listed as an issue because when we speak of values ​​in a given environment without too much trouble to remember that the values ​​can be configured by a mound of a given culture and the culture itself is retained by the system of values ​​that has been able to establish as norms of behavior. Therefore, I find it impossible to talk about African values ​​without consideration of African culture.

You will then be necessary to say that certain values ​​can be seen from Africa as they have been able to give an expression of an underlying culture that should be the source and motivation of these values. We must remember that culture that culture is the totality of how one person’s life. A way of life is at the root identifies and defines the people as group. So we talk about African culture and way of life that defines us as Africans and that our identity is shaped a set. This particular form of such own values ​​that I believe should be.

Instilled in all levels of education in society, especially at the level of formal education. To develop the values Africa real in the consciousness of our youth, our youth should be taught at all levels to be proud of everything related to people may be an external assault and damage: its territorial integrity, physical oppression, denial of racism law, undiluted these dimensions is not enough to destroy the soul of a people to their culture damaged. When a people come to despise what gives it its identity as a people, then the essence of the existence of that nation is called into question.

Therefore, African culture must be preserved at all costs through our formal education system for these africanvalues ​​to be retained The relevant question is: how do we get in high school? For starters, I think the secondary school curriculum should be structured so that consideration of our culture as people should be at the heart of our educational training. the social studies curriculum should provide a lot of emphasis on Africa society and culture.

Must be able to study the difference and similarities, but with a little more emphasis on the latter. Language in Nigeria must be studied with passion at this level. I think the lease to find some students who take a special interest in Igbo language, because I know that all languages ​​must be friendly to grow. I also find it very unpleasant to see a good number of Igbo who have completed their studies at tertiary level, but can not read a line of Igbo, and even proud to proclaim it. Special attention and emphasis must also be given to African history.

You can be a bit surprised to see how vast some students are in European history and how they are equally ignorant of African history. Talk to you about the Greeks and Romans with ease and when Abraham Lincoln with great interest, but talk to them about Kwame Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere, and see the surprise takes over his face, because the names do not I sound. Everything about the history of Africa must be studied in depth, both the positive aspects of our history and the regrettable because they are part and parcel of what we set as a people. Attention should be paid the great African kingdoms, such as Nigeria and the Ashanti of Ghana Benin for the student may learn that Africa actually produced such a level comparable organizational structure what we see in modern nations and the state today. It’s something to be proud of. In addition, other historical events like slavery and colonialism should not be allowed adrift in the past as an unimportant episode in many errors of mankind. His story, effects and consequences on the lives of modern Africans must be taught in schools so that future mistakes can be avoided, as a result of a deep understanding of our past pain.

I believe that when students are in very beginning to appreciate our being black with all that implies, then the values ​​we seek and appreciate as well the people naturally from the soul of our person. Despite insisting that the very foundation of these values ​​as the foundation of these should be based on the appreciation of our culture as I have indicated. Out, will also be out of place to give special place to instill some of these particular values ​​in the educational curriculum. It is impossible to have a theme and culture AFRCAN values ​​entered in the secondary school curriculum and also make a mandatory field. This is not an obsession, but to appreciate who they are African> even if a subject can not be separated ct introduce greater intensity could be given to social studies with African values ​​at the heart of the matter.

Much could be do to reach our young people to appreciate once again all our being created by God Almighty as Africa, because the wind blows from the United States and other erosion all the values ​​that we as a people. From music to clothing, clothing of the diet, even our way of life is completely being attacked this habit of doing it the way the white man does. Things have to change and the time to act is now and the best way is through our system education. In this proposal I am making to introduce a topic on African culture and values, in fact I mind some particular values ​​that are very African, and must be protected as a result of good teaching and leadership in our schools. We will take the value of the warmth and hospitality of Africa as an example.

It is now a general trend among Nigeria college student never to greet a stranger found in any office or place of contact. This is because a good many now view as old- fashionable to do so. You do not belong, if people in the greeting manner or in any other place of contact. The simple reason is that the individualistic West is accepted as it is an approach preferred by the white man. Students must bow to show that this value of the heat is very African and non-Africans, but only wonderful ways that even the man White admired in the African countries.

African dress should also receive attention in this effort. Young people must understand that culture hip hop does not have to set the pace throughout, even in our manner of dress.

Our youth now put rags in the name of jeans and accept it as normal. The girls go around half naked completely and everybody accepts it. We must show that the mode of dress does not offend Africa must our sense of decency and there is no respect and joy in our locker room appear decent and sexy.

Students will also be taught the social hierarchy that comes with Age is not dated, but our way of recognizing some structure and organization in the respect for elders should never be compromised socaity.therefore in any way. Student Also be taught the need to preserve the African language, so we can end this madness to ensure that our young children speak only English as the language of the first six years of their lives. I say this because I met a number of twelve years old, born and bred father Igbo in Nigeria, who spoke not a igbo.the word of what this whole scenario logic is very clear. For people who think this way, everything African is inferior including our own language. Here are some the anomalies that can fight through careful planning of our educational system. Another aspect I would like to play that may seem obvious to many people is the African religious attitude.

The African man is very religious, but we can say that Africans are not the only religious people in the world, we can say that much of the wave of rejection of the religious heritage which is evident in the Western world has entered our entire society. Therefore, you must do everything possible to preserve this attitude and students should know that there is nothing to be ashamed of being religious, but rather is a precious gift from God to have this kind of inclination considered Needless to say this because I know that over time this attitude of loans from the West may one day begin to ask dought the utility of our religious attitude has been for us.

But I think everyone should see this fight to keep our values ​​intact as a struggle for Africans worldwide. The government must not only stop thinking of parents and teachers of this student and parents should not expect teachers to do a job that is supposed to have done at home. Paying due attention to this effort by the government in terms of logistics and financing, and therefore ensure that the curriculum offers the attention is due to our African heritage. Our young people need to know they have a lot of pride as Africans.

They must know they have much to look forward fo Africans and should always be proud to maintain its position against any group or race anywhere in the world if the right attitude is rooted in it. be the best way to become great ambassadors is through our education. No time to lose because we lost a lot already.


African Women – Why We Love Them!

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Hosts Festival Durban South Africa Women’s Arts of the summer!

This is one of the most popular festivals in South Africa. This is a annual event each year in Durban. The festival this year is the celebration of Play House in Durban on Friday July 30 to Sunday August 8, 2010. This event is organized initiatives by the South African Theatre. Many people take flights to Durban to attend this event held to highlight the role of women in development, unity, and the transformation of South Africa, and also to highlight the gender disparities in the industry.

Although it started small-scale but has now become one of the biggest festivals of South Africa. Those attending the festival the opportunity to see and discuss several plays. People take cheap flights to South Africa to attend This event pays tribute to African women who exhibit leadership qualities to make a difference in the world.

This festival features a combination music, dance, drama and comedy. It offers many programs to entertain the crowd for example, a spectacular dance drama, with a cast of over 40 dancers, Sunghursh called. It is very popular with visitors who are flying to Durban flights to Durban Open Mic dialogue and poetry session is also a part of this program. An exhibition featuring the work of South African women in art of diverse media also run in the Grand Foyer. This is a unique festival of its kind devoted specifically to women, and recognition of his brilliance and achievements.

This year celebrities and artists include: Vicky Vilakazi, Ntini Silindile, Aveline Twala, Master Chidi, Nompumelelo Nhlapho, Londiwe Mthembu, Mudau Mulal, Gumede Lucia Meruti Mercy and Nomasonto Khumalo. Although the event is a tribute, but not without laughter. A variety of comedy shows will be presented during the days of the fair by the most popular comedians, including most beloved comedians, TV presenters and DJs.

Thirty minutes of puppet show is one of the most fun parts of the event. Ticket booking early is recommended since it is not easy to get tickets nearer the time of exposure. All types audience to like poetry, music, comedy and drama, and performance art will take United flights to Durban Kingdom and other destinations to join this event. Tickets are available at the theater box office of the 031 369 9540 or book through ticket Comp. Exposure times are at 7.30 pm on 30 July at 20:00 on July 31, 19:30 5 and August 6 and 2.30 pm and 7.30 pm on Saturday 7 August.


African Singles – Meet Black Women Online

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Finding black singles in your area is easy with African Single Lady.  Black People Meet has a free black dating community that you can join.  You can begin your search for that special someone today.

After creating your own member profile, you’ll be able to browse through other members’ profiles.

As you search around for a black singles dating website, be sure to select one that is built just for you.  The website should give you a friendly experience and it should help make the match-making part easy, fun, and interesting as well.

In the last few years, online dating has become very popular to singles wanting to find other singles in their area.  Usual dating has a big problem where people don’t know if they match initially and they don’t know what to expect from each other.  By contrast, African Single Lady gives a solution by prescreening members and matching you with those who are already compatible with your personality and interestes and this gives both of you a greater opportunity to make a relationship work.

With the aid of African Single Lady you can really expect to be matched with other black singles.  These websites will let you see other members’ pages and they will also match you with other singles who have the same interests as you.

A great number of the African Single Lady have helped singles get matched and have gone on to get married.  It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a short-term or a long-term relationship because you can find both with the help of online dating for black singles.