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5 Reasons Why African Women are Better than African-American Women

African women are sophisticated, loving, sexy, talented and typically quite educated and ambitious. Men enjoy African women because they are unique, know how to get what they want, and have class. They are also extremely beautiful, and know how to take good care of themselves, be fashionable, and all the while being practical with spending.

On the other hand, African American women while also sexy, often educated, and witty, can be not only intimidating, but also seemingly not as classy, limitlessly ambitious, or hold themselves as confidently and close to culture in comparison.

So, it should be no wonder why men that do enjoy a darker African woman – or lighter – will more than likely find greater success, and meaning in dating or even marrying an African woman from somewhere throughout the actual, ginormous country of Africa – as opposed to the United States.

To learn more, read on about the top 5 Reasons Why African Women are Better than African-American Women.

1. Family Values and Tradition

From Nigeria to Kenya, you will find that African women tend to be much more traditional and that these personality traits have great value when it comes to dating or possibly even marrying one.

Also, given their variations in tradition and culture, you’re bound to experience a much greater selection of possible soulmates – as opposed to being strictly limited to African women that are stuck on American culture or habits.

The truth is, in comparison to African-American women, you will find that African women have much closer family values and are more likely to stay loyal to you, and the family you make together.

Additionally, they appear to be more trustworthy, and will not hesitate to care for and protect any which of your family members as if they were their own. In America, this type of trending culture or behavior is less common, and nursing homes or ‘retirement homes’ are becoming more and more commonplace.

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2. Religion and Faith

A lot of African-American women don’t seem to as openly or commonly practice a religion in comparison to African women.

Therefore, any man that appreciates a more stable, loyal, respectable, and ambitious woman that knows what she believes in, and wants out of life, going for a “real” African woman is best.

Generally speaking, most African women are Christian, and then there are few that are either Muslim, undecided, or their own variations and less well-known religions out in their small towns or villages.

It’s also worth pointing out that a woman of tradition and culture more than likely also possesses discipline and structure, which are great personality traits for any man searching for a sincerely promising soulmate.

3. Vast Languages and Background

Given the incredible size of Africa, and its various cultural influences, religion, and demographics it should be understandable how much more diverse languages and backgrounds are here.

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Interestingly enough, you might notice that while sure, plenty of African-American women at least complete high school, African women that actually live in Africa often do not have government funding or grants available to them, and yet will still work very hard full-time to support their family, and themselves while going through and completing a university degree.

In comparison, this says a lot about African women, shows distinction in ambition, and illustrates how hard-working African women really are – really increasing their overall appeal as potential wives for an outgoing and adventurous foreigner man.

4. Looks and Personality

While no, it probably shouldn’t be at the top of your list as far as serious dating or “courting” goes, looks are undoubtedly important. And, given the vastness of Africa, foreign men find great joy and excitement in visiting the various parts, as well as types of women available to them throughout Africa.

African women come in various shapes, sizes, skin tones, and cultural habits, backgrounds, and moral-standards which provides for an extremely diverse population to interact with, and potentially meet your future wife.

Also, in comparison to African-American women, we think that African women take better care of their health, diet, hygiene, and overall appearances. This includes anything from drinking, smoking, dieting, and health or exercise.

In fact, African women also tend to be more health-savvy than a lot of African-American women you likely already have, or might meet and date in the future.

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5. Class Passion and Humility

Last, and by no means least, the amount of class African women carry themselves with is absolutely stunning. It is so impressive because no matter their economic background, they are still raised with proper manners, respect, and know how to treat others.

In hindsight, then, it’d be fair to point out that American (African-American women included) culture in comparison is so full of materialism and a lack of moral-compass among many that it doesn’t even come close to Africa as far as respectable, passionate, loving, and sincere women goes.

African women are brought up to be grateful for what they have, and not what they don’t – also known as humility. They are also taught to be very passionate about everything close to their hearts, which includes religion, family, loved ones, friends, and ambitions in life such as work and education.

So, if you’re seeking a more respectable, unique, and passionate woman that has all the beauties of African-American women and more, then meeting African women online, dating sites, chatrooms, or even using Facebook before traveling would definitely be a great use of your time.

In fact, plenty of American and other foreigner men have visited or moved to various parts of African and happily married the African woman of their dreams – a major upgrade or change to what they were used to seeing, dating, or interacting with back home.