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10 Tips for Dating and Keeping Your Kenyan Woman

10 Tips for Dating and Keeping Your Kenyan Woman

Kenyan women are incredibly beautiful, take good care of themselves, and know how to enjoy life. They are “go-getters”, and carry themselves with class, charisma, and charm. You will find Kenyan women to be quite romantic, and even at a young age set on a future marriage, life, and family of their own one day.

So, whether you’re seeking out your next Kenyan date or lover online, or in person, keep these 10 tips in mind for making the most out of your time together, and increasing the chances of impressing her, and keeping her forever yours.

1. Kenyan women are enthusiastic, and likewise enjoy their man or date to also be happy, and outgoing. So, if it’s your first date make sure you get plenty of rest the night before, and meet your new Kenyan girlfriend with a positive, open mind, and encourage her to flourish and show her positive side too.

Kenyan women are optimistic, and typically see things in life as a “glass half full”. Therefore, if this matches your personality or sounds like a way of life you too would like to live then you’re searching in the right place

2. Kenyan women desire a strong man, both physically and mentally, but they also like to see a “softer”, honest, and humble side. This means that once you’re regularly dating your Kenyan woman, don’t be afraid to pick up and help with the dishes or cleaning.

This can be both sexy, and impress her which will illustrate that you not only respect her and what she does for you, but also that you don’t put yourself above her, judge, or take her for granted.

3. On your first, second, and even third date don’t hesitate to open up to your Kenyan woman about your feelings on life, aspirations, and goals.

However, at the same time be mindful of the amounts of emotions you’re expressing, and try to ensure you’re not overwhelming her. This can be a huge turnoff, or even create an awkward situation – and date.

More than openness or pouring your heart out, a Kenyan woman will likely be much more interested in your impressions of her country, what you think of her, and what your plans are for the foreseeable future – especially if it’s likely or possible to include her.

simple and lovely Kenyan girl

4. Because of the global exposure and attention of obesity, and seemingly particular targeting of African women, you’ll find that Kenyan women tend to be very proactive in regularly exercising or working out.

This is great and beneficial for you if you too enjoy personal fitness, or, are looking to gain a new workout partner – after all, the more bonding opportunities the better!

5. Keep in mind, when dating a Kenyan woman that a first date is just that – the first opportunity each of you has to get to know one another, discover any possible “deal breakers”, and to gauge any potential chemistry you might have.

There’s no need to try to get everything done on the first, second, or even third date – again, take your time and just go with the flow. The last thing you want to do is come off as “pushy” or demanding – as these are surefire ways to push your prospective Kenyan lover away for good.

6. Try to give some deep thought to the location and type of place you choose for your first date. If you’ve been corresponding online with your Kenyan woman before visiting, try to research a place that might be relevant to her interests, favorite food, or an especially romantic setting – Kenyan women love romance.

7. If you’re serious about dating and possibly marrying a Kenyan woman, then it’s critical that you take the first step – and be a gentleman – by flying out to Kenya yourself. This not only shows commitment but also that you’re unique.

Additionally, it will show the Kenyan woman you’ve come to see – as well as any others you might meet – that you’re stable enough to take the time off from work to visit, and have a respectable amount of energy to potentially find your other half in Kenya.

And don’t fret, should things go well and you wind up in a long-term relationship, she’ll be happy to reciprocate the favor by coming to visit your home country and meet your family, friends, and experience life with you.

cute African couple nose to nose

8. Kenyan women go absolutely crazy for romance, and this doesn’t necessarily have to involve you spending tons of money. In fact, it could be as simple as you having her over to your place, cuddling up on the couch, and watching her favorite television show or movie together.

Kenyan women are very passionate, loyal, and enjoy bonding with a man that they foresee a future with. And for those that are wondering, no, this date won’t necessarily involve sex – and you shouldn’t expect it. After all, a Kenyan woman is forever, so there is plenty of time to take things further in your relationship later on.

9. If you really want to create a positive relationship with and please your Kenyan woman give her a random phone call during the day, just to say hello and see how she is doing. This will make her extremely happy, flattered, and more than likely she’ll go off bragging to her friends – or even better mother – about this “gift”.

As you can see, Kenyan women are by no means strictly materialistic, and will likely cherish much more a sincere type love that involves special thought, energy, and time on your part.

10. Last but no least, give her something “big” to think about, and after a few dates, as you get closer don’t be afraid to talk about the future.

In fact, you might be surprised at how mature Kenyan women are, and as mentioned earlier in comparison to women you are perhaps used to dating, you’ll find that they’re much more receptive and optimistic when discussing the future, marriage, and a family of their own – hopefully with you!

Extra tip: Kenyan women absolutely love to smile, but there’s a special benefit to giving her more fun, than necessarily being funny. With that being said, don’t hesitate to take your Kenyan woman on a date somewhere really special, like an outdoorsy type of activity (for tourists), as chances are she’s never had the time, and perhaps money, to fund such a trip and adventure in her very own backyard.


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The Truth About Black Women Dating White Men

The Truth About Black Women Dating White Men

Are Ebony and Ivory Together in Perfect Harmony?

white man and black woman togetherBlack woman dating white men is still a societal taboo that incites controversy. For years, black women have seen black men with white women and felt slighted. Eventually, we stopped caring and dived into the swirl ourselves.

It was not a conscious decision, but an unconscious necessity. It was not revenge or a conquest or sour apples. We simply wanted a man that would treat us the way we wanted and deserved to be treated and color became unimportant.

Good and bad men exist in all races, but some black women can’t seem to find a black man. I have black women friends who are with a good black man and black women friends that are with a good white man and they’re happy. Happiness knows no color nor does love.

I also have black girlfriends who said they would die before they would enter into a relationship with a white man. One even referred to it as “sleeping with the slave master”. Personally, after a slew of bad relationships with black men, I simply opened my eyes and simply sought a “good man”. I didn’t care if he was alien-green.

I admit that I’ve made some bad decisions and selected the wrong black men and I accept full blame for my own bad decisions. I do not condemn black men as a whole. I have three adult sons who are good black men and a nephew who is the best father and husband imaginable. My father was a good man.

Fully aware of what I bring to the table as a woman, I didn’t think that I was asking too much out of life or being unreasonable in my expectations. I only wanted a man who enjoyed life, was intellectually, economically and educationally compatible, loving, kind, romantic, faithful and strong.

black and white relationshipThere are black men out there that meet my criteria and I have met many, but they were either already involved, uninterested in, offered only friendship or we just didn’t click.

Experience has taught me well. I’ve learned what makes a relationship fail or thrive. I know what it takes to make me happy (and I deserve to be happy). I also know what it takes to make a man happy and content. I decided that rather than settle, I’d stay alone or wait for Mr. Right to arrive.

I didn’t plan for Mr. Right to be Mr. White. Alternately, he wasn’t specifically seeking a black woman, but a good woman. It had nothing to with “jungle fever” (I hate that term), rumors of the black woman’s alleged sexual power, curiosity or fascination. It just happened.

Do people look at us funny sometimes when we’re out? Heck yeah, but who cares. We’re happy and not because we’re polar opposites, but because he found a good woman and I found a good man and that is all we were both seeking.

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Tips To Date An Ethiopian Woman And Make Her Your Mail Order Bride

Tips To Date An Ethiopian Woman And Make Her Your Mail Order Bride

Online dating and chat room rendezvous meetings are no longer hot on the radar – the new ‘it’ thing doing the rounds in the Social Networking Dating scene is the availability of mail order brides exclusively handpicked and chosen with your requirements in mind. Of the lot, we recommend Ethiopian women to be the sensuous best as they have it all – elegance, poise, the ideal frame and of course, intellect.

All said and done, how do you choose your perfect Ethiopian bride? We have a few pointers for you to keep in mind.

Appear well dressed with immaculate manners

Unlike public opinion about Ethiopian people, the women from the area are fine ladies and prefer being swept away by gentlemen who are chivalrous, confident and know how to woo their women over by saying and doing the right thing. Complimenting her is okay, but excessive flattery is like a red flag to the woman. You must have firsthand knowledge about social etiquette and fine dining to impress her.

Ethiopian women are outdoor people

Take her skiing, scuba diving and she’ll adore that much more than asking her to escort for a high profile party. Ethiopian girls dine well, dress well, appear refined but are very primitive, appealing and adventurous. There is nothing livelier than a day out for them. In fact, many Ethiopian women consider a day trekking as their ideal dates. If you are looking out for hard headed, sportive and fun loving women, Ethiopian girls are the best bet.

my hot ethiopian womenResearch, research and more research

Yes, you read this right! Ethiopian women are usually well read and know their arts, sciences and history really well. There is no better way to charm Ethiopian girls than to appear intelligent and opinionated on a few topics to grab their attention. Besides, if you are planning to take time out and study their culture, diverse traditions and customs, you earn enormous brownie points from your women.

Consider a voyage to Ethiopia

For an Ethiopian woman, there is nothing else that matters more than her family. Unlike the free natured Americans, Ethiopian women are strongly bound to their families and cannot even think of marrying anyone who is not formally approved in the household. In case, you are planning to tie the knot with your Mail Order Ethiopian bride, you must win her family all over. A trip to her country will also help you gauge her roots and understand her culture better.

Learn a little Afrikaan to converse with her

Of course, Ethiopian women are great English speakers, what with most of them settled in various Native English speaking countries of the world. But then, Afrikaan is a language close to her heart as her native language. She could feel flattered and cared for if you learn a few words in Afrikaan and talk to her in her language. These tiny acts on your part make you appear more interested in her and she could feel special.

We are sure using these tips, you will chance upon your perfect Ethiopian bride for life and hopefully, win your women’s heart with these practical tips.

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Dating Sexy African Girls

Dating Sexy African Girls


Even though men love hot black girls, the number of men interested in perusing African brides has always been low.  The main reason for this is lack of enough information concerning dating agencies that operate out of Africa.

This information deficit is brought about by Africa’s limited presence on the World Wide Web except for developed countries like Egypt, South Africa and Tunisia.

Minor web presence has made it difficult for couples to engage in long distance relationship. The scenario in Africa is a far cry from the situation in the western world, since e-mail communication is not taken seriously.

The limited accessibility to e-mail and internet in Africa also comes with a number of advantages. For one, a man looking to date a sexy African girl has to operate like his predecessors did before the dawn of the internet age and this gives the bride some sort of security.

international love scout african profilesWhat to Expect After Marriage

Many flaws in the relationship emerge shortly after the marital vows are exchanged. African brides who were brought up in poverty and squalor will perceive a white man earning a reasonable income as pure royalty. The brides will rejoice at the prospects of a better and promising life abroad, away from the abject poverty that they were accustomed to in Africa.

The path that the marriage will take from this stage henceforth will greatly depend on how the white man plays his cards. In fact, it can be very easy for the white man to impress an African girl with his lavish lifestyle and wealth, but there problems that may emerge later in life. To be on the safe side, avoid such behavior since:

  1. It is not necessary. The girl will visualize your status and lifestyle as a world of indescribable bliss in comparison to her low standards of living that she got accustomed to while growing up, so it makes no sense to exaggerate an impression that you have already created.
  2. Sooner or later, she will discover that you lived a lie. You need to realize that you will be living with your bride and she will get to see and experience the life that you live. She will soon adapt to the way of life in your country, and this will make her wise a great deal. She will now see through your bloated ego and hate you for it.

If you want a relationship between you and African bride to last, then be frank and transparent with your African bride. Prepare her psychologically for what she should expect once you marry her and locate to your home country. In addition, explain to her how things work in your country and how people earn a living.

Nonetheless, the standards of living in your home country will be far much better compared to that she was accustomed to in her home country. Do not fear to tell her the truth about you way of life even when the relationship is still young.

Always work towards making your relationship a success by telling the truth from the very beginning of the relationship.

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6 Cool Facts about Online Dating & Marrying African Women

6 Cool Facts about Online Dating & Marrying African Women

Dating and Marrying African Women

Are you exploring the online dating world? Do you feel attracted to African women? Do you find girls from Nigeria attractive? Girls from Africa are extremely sexy and hot. Thanks to online dating services we can now connect with hundreds of the most interesting girls from Africa.

If you are thinking about dating sexy African women online, this article will show you some cool facts about them. African beauties are ready to date and marry a very special guy like you. They value and respect marriage very much, being always lovely and loyal with theirs husbands. African girls are fun for sure and a very good option if thinking about finding a bride to marry.

In general, girls from Nigeria are very athletic and into sports. They enjoy spending daily time exercising their bodies and working out. They take very good care of their personal image and try to always look good for their man. They enjoy outdoors activities and watching sports games on TV. They are into having fun and like physical activities.

Good sense of humor

African girls know how to have fun and they love to have a laugh. They will laugh of your jokes and tell you theirs. They will always surprise you with something funny and you cannot resist laughing. They have beautiful smiles and are proud of them, they like to smile and taking care of their mouth health.

Hard workers

These girls can work very hard. They are used to hard-core jobs and they have high tolerance for physical activities. They don’t want a man to pay for them; they want to have a job and a career. They will help you with the expenses at home. They are solid rock and their bodies are made of steel. They can easily work for long hours without complaining or showing themselves tired.

Honest and reliable

African ladies have been raised with very strong values and honesty sense. They don’t like or appreciate lies. They like relationships based in trust and care. Girls from Nigeria are very reliable and they will always stand for their man. Truth is respect for African people; they will find themselves very offended if they catch you lying. Once you lose the trust of an African girl you will have t fight hard to get it back.

House keeping

Cleaning is one of the favorite activities of African girls around their houses, they like everything to be spotless. They are very organized and put effort in keeping their home clean and shiny. Having a clean and inviting house makes them feel good about themselves. Africans can combine taking care of a house and family with a successful job career.

Love food and cooking it

Girls from Africa can make delicious dishes and they love to do it. They enjoy food and having dinner with their families. They appreciate having well served tasty meals. African traditional cook is full of flavors and color. You will be charmed with your girlfriend cooking skills.

Dating and marrying an African girl can be a very interesting and joyful experience. African girls are full of energy and sun. They are beautiful and inspiring. Getting a wife from Africa is an excellent choice these days and the Internet helps us to success on it. Dating an African woman online is easy and if we are lucky we can find love on the other side of the planet.

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