Best African Dating Sites

Best African Dating Sites


Many men find the beautiful women of the African continent to be irresistible. Luckily it easy to find a potential partner from this part of the world thanks to a number of websites that are focused solely on introducing western men to African ladies. Here you will learn about some of the best African dating sites in the international dating industry.

One of the most popular international dating sites aimed at men who would like to meet an African partner is This site specifically caters to western men who would like to be introduced to attractive women living in Africa.

one-of-the-best-dating-siteAs well as the ability to search through over 8000 African women there are a number of other features which make this a highly popular site with international daters.

The website allows you to search the most popular 1000 ladies as well as instant messaging, send flowers and presents and virtual gifts, and watch videos of your potential partner.

The site received significant media attention when it was discovered that the 2nd place winner of the Miss Kenya competition was listed on the Africabeauties website. This gives you some indication of the quality of women that you can meet on the site.

Another one of the best African dating sites is This website is mostly aimed at introducing men to women is South Africa although it does feature women from other parts of Africa as well. As well as introducing men to women from Africa it also supplies information and news in relation to dating in those countries.

This includes whether the country you are visiting is safe and any precautions you might like to take. Generally South Africa is a safe option when looking for an international date, however you do need to show some caution with other parts of Africa.

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6 Cool Facts about Online Dating & Marrying African Women

6 Cool Facts about Online Dating & Marrying African Women

Dating and Marrying African Women

Are you exploring the online dating world? Do you feel attracted to African women? Do you find girls from Nigeria attractive? Girls from Africa are extremely sexy and hot. Thanks to online dating services we can now connect with hundreds of the most interesting girls from Africa.

If you are thinking about dating sexy African women online, this article will show you some cool facts about them. African beauties are ready to date and marry a very special guy like you. They value and respect marriage very much, being always lovely and loyal with theirs husbands. African girls are fun for sure and a very good option if thinking about finding a bride to marry.

In general, girls from Nigeria are very athletic and into sports. They enjoy spending daily time exercising their bodies and working out. They take very good care of their personal image and try to always look good for their man. They enjoy outdoors activities and watching sports games on TV. They are into having fun and like physical activities.

Good sense of humor

African girls know how to have fun and they love to have a laugh. They will laugh of your jokes and tell you theirs. They will always surprise you with something funny and you cannot resist laughing. They have beautiful smiles and are proud of them, they like to smile and taking care of their mouth health.

Hard workers

These girls can work very hard. They are used to hard-core jobs and they have high tolerance for physical activities. They don’t want a man to pay for them; they want to have a job and a career. They will help you with the expenses at home. They are solid rock and their bodies are made of steel. They can easily work for long hours without complaining or showing themselves tired.

Honest and reliable

African ladies have been raised with very strong values and honesty sense. They don’t like or appreciate lies. They like relationships based in trust and care. Girls from Nigeria are very reliable and they will always stand for their man. Truth is respect for African people; they will find themselves very offended if they catch you lying. Once you lose the trust of an African girl you will have t fight hard to get it back.

House keeping

Cleaning is one of the favorite activities of African girls around their houses, they like everything to be spotless. They are very organized and put effort in keeping their home clean and shiny. Having a clean and inviting house makes them feel good about themselves. Africans can combine taking care of a house and family with a successful job career.

Love food and cooking it

Girls from Africa can make delicious dishes and they love to do it. They enjoy food and having dinner with their families. They appreciate having well served tasty meals. African traditional cook is full of flavors and color. You will be charmed with your girlfriend cooking skills.

Dating and marrying an African girl can be a very interesting and joyful experience. African girls are full of energy and sun. They are beautiful and inspiring. Getting a wife from Africa is an excellent choice these days and the Internet helps us to success on it. Dating an African woman online is easy and if we are lucky we can find love on the other side of the planet.

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African Women – Why We Love Them!

African Women – Why We Love Them!

Hosts Festival Durban South Africa Women’s Arts of the summer!

This is one of the most popular festivals in South Africa. This is a annual event each year in Durban. The festival this year is the celebration of Play House in Durban on Friday July 30 to Sunday August 8, 2010. This event is organized initiatives by the South African Theatre. Many people take flights to Durban to attend this event held to highlight the role of women in development, unity, and the transformation of South Africa, and also to highlight the gender disparities in the industry.

Although it started small-scale but has now become one of the biggest festivals of South Africa. Those attending the festival the opportunity to see and discuss several plays. People take cheap flights to South Africa to attend This event pays tribute to African women who exhibit leadership qualities to make a difference in the world.

This festival features a combination music, dance, drama and comedy. It offers many programs to entertain the crowd for example, a spectacular dance drama, with a cast of over 40 dancers, Sunghursh called. It is very popular with visitors who are flying to Durban flights to Durban Open Mic dialogue and poetry session is also a part of this program. An exhibition featuring the work of South African women in art of diverse media also run in the Grand Foyer. This is a unique festival of its kind devoted specifically to women, and recognition of his brilliance and achievements.

This year celebrities and artists include: Vicky Vilakazi, Ntini Silindile, Aveline Twala, Master Chidi, Nompumelelo Nhlapho, Londiwe Mthembu, Mudau Mulal, Gumede Lucia Meruti Mercy and Nomasonto Khumalo. Although the event is a tribute, but not without laughter. A variety of comedy shows will be presented during the days of the fair by the most popular comedians, including most beloved comedians, TV presenters and DJs.

Thirty minutes of puppet show is one of the most fun parts of the event. Ticket booking early is recommended since it is not easy to get tickets nearer the time of exposure. All types audience to like poetry, music, comedy and drama, and performance art will take United flights to Durban Kingdom and other destinations to join this event. Tickets are available at the theater box office of the 031 369 9540 or book through ticket Comp. Exposure times are at 7.30 pm on 30 July at 20:00 on July 31, 19:30 5 and August 6 and 2.30 pm and 7.30 pm on Saturday 7 August.

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